Farm Livin' Is The Life For Me!

Dreaming of a Farm Life

      This picture is so inspiring and awakening for me! Toni and I have been working on his Aunt's house in Monterey for a few weeks now. We're updating the kitchen and doing some more fun things that I'll share with you later! We've had the kids here with us off and on while we've been working and I have to say, with 5 kids a FARM would be absolutely wonderful! I'm having withdrawls from all the open space, as I sit here looking out the window at house after house in our neighborhood! It's such a slower more relaxed way of living when you have all that land surrounding you. I didn't feel rushed or have the nagging feeling of what comes next hanging over my shoulder. I couldn't see the neighbors or hear any neighbor dogs barking.. it was just.. peaceful.

     Our boys spent hours outside catching lizards, walking in the dry creek bed, chasing frogs, even our dog was happily wandering the property chasing lizards as well! I can just imagine having chickens, sheep, and a couple goats for vegetation control! I know what our next venture will be!

Even the drive down was gorgeous, I wanted Toni to stop the car a dozen or more times just so I could snap some photos! He of course didn't stop for me so I just got what I could while we were on the move! I'd love to see this landscape everyday! 

Driving through these tree lined highways was like a breath of much needed fresh air! I don't know guys... I've got an itch to find a quaint little Farmhouse with a couple of acres! 

Even little Benedikta loves it out there! 

Just imagine the renovations and fun I'd have decorating inside these beautiful quaint little farmhouses! 

A girl can dream can't she?!